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5 Unique Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto is a lovely city. It is constantly evolving and growing, as well as being quite multicultural. So, while there aren’t many temples and ruins to be found in Toronto, what you will find is hidden among the glass towers and dark side lanes. It is a forward-thinking, vibrant, and hospitable city. From the moment you get off the plane, you’ll feel like a native. There’s plenty to see and do here. These activities include a bustling art scene, fantastic dining options for all budgets, wonderful pubs and nightlife, cultural enclaves worldwide, beautiful parks and beaches, and more. We have selected 5 unique things for you which you can try here where you reach here after booking of

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Picknick at Trinity Bellwood Park

This is a huge park on queen west. It’s the place to be on a summer Saturday afternoon if you’re booking your westjet airlines ticket to Toronto in the summer. You are welcome to bring food, an umbrella, and your favorite music with you. Then stay here for the entire day and enjoy your favorite pastime, read your favorite book, or listen to music. Then find a sunny piece of grass where you can watch pickup games, drum circles, and as many French bulldogs as you like.

View From CN Tower

CN Tower is Toronto’s world-famous tourist attraction. People come by westjet airlines booking to visit CN Tower every year. The view from the top, though, is unbeatable. The CN Tower’s glass floor provides a great photo opportunity. Avoid the larger tour groups by going at dusk and watching the city lights come to life from above. Another wonderful tip: there are some fantastic Toronto Homestays and Airbnbs with views of the CNN tower.

Kensie Market

Kensie is at the top of the list of quirky and unique things in Toronto since it is unlike anything else in the city. This neighborhood has a laid-back, everyday-is-Sunday attitude 15minutes4me. It has been home to numerous immigrant groups and the hub of the city’s counter-culture sector. There is no shortage of affordable eats in this and neighboring Chinatown, so you will enjoy it a lot.

Stroll at Queen West

Vogue magazine once dubbed Queen West as the world’s second coolest neighborhood. This is a must-see destination if you enjoy cafes, interesting shopping, wonderful bars, and interacting with the crowd. Work your way west from Queen and University. Then Stop by Java House, a Queen West institution, for cheap pitchers and a guaranteed seat on the patio. Continue going until you reach Parkdale, a charmingly odd Toronto neighborhood brimming with inexpensive and cheery Tibetan momo places.


There are two Chinatowns in Toronto, but you’ll most likely be near the one on Spadina Avenue. It is conveniently located near Queen West and Kensington Market. This is the location to go if you want to dine for a low price. Rol San for dim sum, Mother’s Dumplings for dumplings, and Pho Pasteur for huge bowls of pho available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are local favorites. Alternatively, take a walking tour of Chinatown and Kensington Market to get a feel for the entire district. So reach here with Westjet Airlines Reservations without wasting your time.

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