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7 Easily Affordable Wedding Gifts for Family and Friends

Is someone in your family or friends getting married? Are you worried because you still have to get a fantastic gift for them and that too in limited budget? It keeps popping up in your mind that how to getting a unique and affordable wedding gift is impossible? If this is what is bothering you, then do not worry more because I am going to share seven easily accessible wedding planner classes.

A cute food basket

A little snack basket can be a great idea! Add to your basket the snacks your newlyweds would love eating. You can add their favorite chocolates, biscuits, and candies.

Are you a baking and cooking expert? If yes then adding some self baked brownies, cakes, muffins, pastries or cupcakes will be best.

If the bride or groom to be is someone who loves being fit, then they must enjoy healthy food too. Filling your basket with little jars of almonds, walnuts, and pistachio can be the right option in this case.

Chose whatever option you love, all the three options will make your gift unique while keeping the cost low.

Customized mugs

Mugs are never out of fashion. They look super cute when custom designed. Two custom designed cups placed in pretty gift boxes is going to be loved by the newlyweds.

You are thinking how to design the mugs? How about placing pictures of the couple on the mugs. Get their old and new images. This will make your mug so dear to them and your gift so special.

If you do not want a picture mug, then go for a mug that has quotes printed on it. These can be about love or something related to their hobbies or work.

Making it a bit more simple, cute, and less costly! Just get two heart printed mugs, and you are good to go. Your mug will become their daily tea time favourite and necessity.

Movie tickets

Who does not like watching a movie and that too, with a loved one? This idea is definitely going to work.

Get your lovely couple two tickets for an upcoming film. Help them save some money and get them some time together.

Put those tickets in a cute gift box and you are done. All done!

A photo diary

Hmm, a creative gift idea here.

Get old and new pictures of the couple.

Paste them in a cute diary.

Add little details or wishes for the future and be proud of creating a great gift.

Lovely isn’t it?

This is going to be a love journey record for them.

Bath and body products

Is the person getting married a bath and body products lover? Yes, then do not waste time.

HURRY UP! Go to the market. Get body splashes, bubble bath, or bath bombs. You can even get hand and body lotions or creams.

Apart from the body products, buying quality towels is going to work too. They are always needed and are always useful.

Pack what you get in gable boxes or gift boxes and you are done.


Wow! The pleasant smell in the air and the yellow light, LOVELY!

Candles can be a great gift, and they are readily available at fewer prices. A scented candle that also looks so cute is just heart melting. A good scented candle can make the room come alive and cause a calming and soothing effect on the mind.

This will create a peaceful atmosphere in your couples lovely home. Be confident you will not regret choosing this as a gift. So, get a candle and pack it up in a candle gable box now.

Photo frame

Photo frames are always needed. Moreover, if they are cute and classy, they will make your wall look amazing. Many incredible designs of photo frames are available in the market and that too in fewer prices.

What about gifting this couple a photo frame to place their wedding picture in? They will place their first wedding picture in frame gifted by you. Be happy you gifting them something amazing.

Get a quality frame, pack it up in a box, and your gift is ready.

Final words

These are the seven creative and cute gift ideas. So, choose whatever you like. I am in love with all of these ideas. They are amazing yet cheap. This wedding is not going to turn your budget upside down. Thank me later, and enjoy your wedding season.

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