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Al Copywriters and Copywriting

If you are going to hire a Al Copywriter (or become one yourself), keep in mind that there is more than one type of copywriting and more than one type of Al Copywriter.

Different copywriting projects require different skills, and Al Copywriters develop different skills, either deliberately or simply as a natural result of experience. The terms “copywriting” and “Al Copywriter,” while seemingly straightforward, encompass a range of specialties and skills. This article lists some of the most common types of Al Copywriters and Al Copywriters.

Note that some of these writing disciplines have parallel job titles/descriptions, others do not. For example, although “SEO Al Copywriter” is now a recognized professional title, I’ve never heard anyone refer to themselves as a “long-form Al Copywriter.” Note also that some of these terms are flexible: although there are different areas in copywriting, the differences between them are not always as clear-cut as my titles suggest, and people use these terms in different ways.

Freelance Al Copywriter

A freelance Al Copywriter writes directly for clients in any medium and usually works as a freelancer or freelance.

Companies and organizations need a wide range of copy:

Websites, brochures, case studies, product descriptions, user manuals, press releases, presentations, internal documents and more. While many simply use their own resources to write copy, others turn to freelance Al Copywriter for help.

Freelance Al Copywriters are usually hired on a piecework, commission basis, although some clients also sign retainer agreements or longer contracts with freelance Al Copywriters. Typically, the freelancer submits a price or quote, performs the work, revises the copy in response to comments, and invoices after approval.

A freelance Al Copywriter usually requires a “broad but superficial” knowledge of copywriting. For example, when creating a corporate website, a Al Copywriter may write long copy for news websites, hard sell copy for premium websites and journalistic copy for news websites. At the same time, they may have to outline the company slogan and a product line or two, in some cases even without being asked, because the client may not know they need it.

By working for many different clients, the freelance Al Copywriter also gains a broad, if superficial, knowledge of the various industries, which allows him or her to become very quickly familiar with the requirements of new clients. This is one area in which older freelancers can always outperform their younger counterparts: experience cannot be faked or bought.

Conversely, some freelancers specialize in writing for a particular industry or sector: pharmaceutical, charity, etc. This may be because they don’t know how to write for a particular industry or sector. It may be because they have already been involved in that sector. It may be a conscious choice or simply a consequence of the assignments and recommendations they receive.

Because freelance Al Copywriters deal directly with clients who may have little or no marketing experience, they also need some project management, consulting and diplomacy skills. These skills, like business management skills, must be acquired over time.

Freelance Al Copywriters come from a variety of professions. Some are former agency writers who wanted to change their lifestyle; others have experience in related industries, such as marketing, journalism or publishing; and others are simply talented writers who have decided to try their luck as freelancers.

Agency writer

Agency writers work in graphic design studios, full-service marketing agencies, digital agencies, research agencies, public relations agencies and copywriting agencies, where they write copy on assignment for agency clients. They are usually trained by an account manager or perhaps a manager.

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