At the heart of Songs by Ruth, there must be a Romeo and Juilet story.

In her collection there is a thread of love and tragedy. She refers to herself as a caramel girl in one song and in another song she says I was, as though she is no longer. She lists all that she was at her very core, an advocate, someone’s friend, a soilder for change.

I can’t help but wonder what change can this collection of songs brings? Songs by Ruth speaks of unfailing love.

In Songs by Ruth, “I Love You” single, her lyrics says, “I might not always say the right words and I should’ve said less words on the days you needed to be heard.” There lies her conflict, the impression that she shares herself completely to a listener who needs to be listened to. Is Songs by Ruth romancing the listeners to whom she bears her soul, are they her Romeo?

Songs by Ruth can be heard as one Songwriter openly shares herself with a world who might or might not be listening to her messages of love. Give the Songs by Ruth collection a listen and hear the romanticism and songs of hope.

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