How can Express Entry work for you?

Express Entry invites so many applicants every year. Its quite true that over years Canada is inviting immigrants since the last so many years.

A PR card is given to someone who is lucky enough to get the PR of this country. A PR card is given to the candidate for living in Canada and for traveling to and from this country. Express Entry is one of the most popular systems of Canada. It has been brought into existence to get talented workers from abroad.

Education is quite important for someone to get a visa to this country. Someone who is a master’s from India is quite eligible to get the PR. He can then get a score of 135 based on this education if he plans to get the PR of Canada without a spouse and Write for us Education. It’s also important to be able to converse easily in English to get the PR of this country. You can try to have a great score in the IELTS exam to get selected in Express Entry.

Significance of the perfect score in IELTS

Another way you can get selected as per the Express Entry system of Canada is when you work hard to get a good score in IELTS. This is because Canada assesses the various scores in the English exam of IELTS as per the CLB system. A Canadian language benchmark system assesses the scores in the IELTS exam. The candidate who has a CLB10 score can get great points as per the express entry ranking system. This way, he can get 136 points for his immigration to this country. However, for getting a CLB 10 score for going to Canada, efforts are needed. You need to give the mock exams of IELTS again and again. It’s important to get this score and the score of CLB 10 in IELTS is attained when you have scores of 7.5 in writing and speaking bands, 8.0 in reading, and 8.5 in the listening band. This is how can be in Canada quite easily through the Express Entry system. This system actually checks whether you have the education, experience, or the ability to communicate in English.

How to get the PR card once you get in Canada?

A candidate’s immigration is approved at the Port of Entry to Canada. He gets a Confirmation of permanent residence(COPR) when his immigration is approved. He then shows this document along with bank statements at the Canadian airport.  He has to provide the mailing address at the airport. Once he does that, his PR card is sent to him within 43 days to this mailing address. However, the time can be more depending on the burden with the IRCC. So, it’s quite easy to get a PR card in Canada.

If you are not able to provide your mailing address at the Canadian airport, you can also send it to them online within a period of 180 days. The online tool for providing this mailing address is

However, if you are callous enough as to not provide your mailing address within 180 days of coming to Canada, a new PR card application takes place and the cost of the card is 50 CAD.

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