How To Adjust The Back Of An Office Chair

How To Adjust The Back Of An Office Chair | 2 Simple Ways

Do you have back pain? If so, your office chair may be the cause. An office chair is an essential part of the modern workplace. With long hours spent sitting at a desk, you’ll need to ensure that your posture is correct and that your back doesn’t hurt after prolonged periods of time.

Doctors recommend adjusting the height of the seat so it sits in line with the small of your back, then raise or lower it accordingly to suit your size. You should also adjust its armrests for optimal support when typing or reading documents on screen.

If you have a reclining office chair then you have the opportunity to enjoy your work in your office without any back pain. In this article, we will discuss how to adjust the back of an office chair in only 2 steps.

How To Adjust The Back Of An Office Chair: Adjust the Height of Your Chair’s Backrest

Do you find that your back hurts after sitting for a long time? Have you noticed the pain getting worse over time? This may be because of how high or low your chair’s backrest is.

Sitting on a chair can be uncomfortable if the backrest is not adjusted to fit your body. The key to having a comfortable seat while sitting in a chair is proper posture. Proper posture means that you are leaning forward slightly with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent at about 90 degrees. 

How To Adjust The Back Of An Office Chair

The backrest on your chair should provide support for the lumbar curve of your lower back. You want to feel firm support over the lumbar curve of your lower back.

The height of the backrest can be adjusted by raising or lowering it with a knob on the top of the chair’s backrest. Lowering is easier than raising, so start by adjusting it all the way up before starting to adjust it down.

Adjust the Angle of Your Backrest

Sitting for long periods of time can be very hard on your back. The angle of the backrest should support you while sitting in your preferred posture. How to Adjust the Angle of Your Backrest.

A comfortable chair is a crucial component of an ergonomic workstation. It should allow you to sit in your preferred posture and the backrest should be at an angle that supports you while sitting.

How To Adjust The Back Of An Office Chair

The backrest should not have to lean back to feel it nor lean farther forward than you like to sit. There will be a knob locking the backrest angle in place on the back of the chair. Unlock the backrest angle and lean forwards and backward while looking at your monitor. Once you reach the angle that feels right lock the backrest into place.

The Secret to Healthy Armrests

The secret to healthy armrests is making sure that they barely touch your elbows when resting your hands on the desktop or computer keyboard. If they are too high then they will force you to position your arms awkwardly. Your arms should be able to swing freely and there should not be any discomfort in the elbow area.

Adjusting the armrests on your chair is a simple way to reduce strain and pain in your fingers, wrists, and arms. Armrests that are too high will cause you to bend your wrist awkwardly as you type.

This not only causes discomfort but can lead to injury over time. If adjusting the height of the armrest does not solve this problem then removing them altogether may be necessary.

Adjusting the armrests on your chair can be done in just a few minutes and is one of the most overlooked ways to reduce fatigue and injury. Resting your arms on the armrests while typing will inhibit normal arm movement and cause extra strain on your fingers and supporting structures.

Check if you have adjustable armrests by looking for a knob or screwdriver slot near the bottom of each side. You may need to remove some screws first, but once removed it should be easy.

Choosing the Correct Chair for Your Height

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a chair? There are many factors that go into choosing the correct chair for your height.

You’ve just purchased a new chair and you love it. You feel like it is perfect for your height but then you notice that the seat feels really low to the ground or that the armrests are at an awkward level. Chances are, this isn’t because of anything wrong with your chair; it is most likely because you need a different size.

In order for a chair to be able to fit most people, it needs to be adjustable so that the height can change. Most chairs are made with this in mind and they can accommodate up to 90 percent of the population without an issue. However, if you happen to fall on either end of the spectrum then you may need a custom-made chair that will work specifically for your height. 

If you are tall, a normal chair might make your feet dangle while if you are short, a taller chair will leave your legs dangling in the air.

Choose a Reclining Chair That’s Easy to Operate While Sitting

For those who spend hours sitting at a desk or in front of the TV, it is important to choose a reclining chair that can be easily operated while sitting. With controls that are easy to operate while sitting, you will be able to adjust your chair completely and find the perfect position for your body.

Choosing a reclining chair with easy-to-operate control mechanisms not only makes it easier for people who need to sit for long periods of time but also allows them more freedom.

How To Adjust The Back Of An Office Chair: More Tips

There are a few things you should know about the back of your office chair. For starters, there should be a knob on the back of the chair allowing the backrest to move up and down. Secondly, it is easier to lower the backrest than to raise it while sitting. Finally, start by raising it all the way up while standing. Then sit in the chair and adjust until it fits in the small of your back.


Do you have an office chair that doesn’t quite fit your back? Do you find yourself slouching to one side or the other because of a poor sitting posture? There is no need to replace your old chair if it has the adjustability feature. You can just raise or lower the backrest on most chairs with a knob located somewhere near the base of the seat.

If you have a reclining office chair then it is a simple task for you to do this.

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