Become a Freelancer

How to Become a Freelancer

Many people want to gain independence from their boss and office and work on projects that interest them. We think freelancing is a real freedom, but there are many features to consider if you want to become a true professional.

If the routine of office work tires you, you dream of changing jobs, you want to work independently and manage your time and income yourself, you can become a freelancer.

Find your niche

You need to take the time to analyze the job market, your skills and interests, in order to choose an idea or job that will allow you to find your desired area. Then, identify the necessary qualities, risks and possible developments in this area to see if this idea is right for you.

Define Goals

The goal of freelancing is not always immediately achievable. It takes time and energy to find your clients. That is why you need to prepare savings for 2-3 months. In addition, you must set goals for yourself to avoid failure.

We can start by setting goals for one year. For example, you can determine if you want to take a part-time job or become a full-time freelancer and specify the monthly salary level. We can then break down each item into more specific goals. It will help you track your progress and analyze the pros and cons.

Focus on Your Customer

In order not to waste time in vain, focus on people who may be interested in your proposal. Identify and suggest the most useful goals for each client individually. When communicating with a client, take into account his wishes, but do not hesitate to make interesting suggestions. In this way, you can provide a high quality service and meet its needs.

Create a Pricing System

It’s a little tricky to get your prices at first First, you need to analyze the market costs for the selected area. Then you can set a commission that can attract customers – you build a reputation and a portfolio. To get good reviews and additional orders, you need to show flawless performance.

Portfolio Creation

Take stock of each job – create a good professional portfolio to showcase your full range of abilities. The ideal presentation of your success is a website. The site presents you as a serious professional.


Independence gives you autonomy. You will be able to select your clients and projects that you want to implement, as well as set a price for your work and working hours. You have to take into account the organizational aspects of the work (for example, accounting) and communicate with clients on your own, which requires a lot of patience. The road to that independence is difficult, but a clear goal will help you succeed.


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