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How to protect your mobile data in a wireless public network?

In India, with the Digital boom, more people are getting acquainted with the Internet technology and are using the WiFi network more than ever. A survey by ITRC in the year 2018 revealed that three out of four customers use a free public WiFi network. However, there are risks associated with the public WiFi Network. 

Data loss and Data stealing are common because of malicious hackers out there. This article will discuss why Public Networks are not very secure and how you can use them with added security using the Vivo new phone models. We also will provide the reasons to use some of the widely appreciated and recommended techniques to save your mobile data. 

What is a Wireless public network?

A wireless public network is nothing but the WiFi network available in shopping malls, airports, coffee shops, libraries, public transport, hotel rooms, restaurants, and other public places. WiFi is known as Wireless Fidelity which provides strong wireless signals for carrying internet data. These networks generally target the shop’s customers, restaurants, or airline or public transport passengers. 

Fundamental problems after data loss

Many people do not realize the hazards of a free public WiFi network. Anyone can connect to it without a robust and unique authentication; one with proper technical knowledge can perform the malicious activity within the network. These people are called hackers. These will be the primary problems after you lose your data;

1. Access the Phone’s data wirelessly and create a backdoor to maintain the access.

2. They can delete, edit, modify data, and add unnecessary harmful programs such as a mobile phone virus to your Phone.

3. They can monitor you via the selfie camera.

4. They can know where you go on the internet via the browser search history.

Here are some steps you can follow on your Android phones, like the Vivo V21 price at 29,990 INR to reinforce your digital and cyber security.

What is Vivo advanced technology to protect data? 

These are the most advanced measures you can take to protect your mobile’s data from malicious hackers, also called blackhat hackers.

· Network Verification and Configuration: The Vivo new phone models allow you to verify the network quickly by checking the IP address so that you can surf the internet smartly and stay protected from clever hackers.

You can also turn off the sharing preferences when you connect to the public internet so that you are not easily visible on the net, and file sharing disabled means that hackers cannot put harmful files in the system.

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· Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network): Vivo new phone models come equipped with support to VPNs. VPN is a service to hide your IP from the eyes of malicious hackers. When you download a VPN app and use the default VPN slot of the Vivo V21 price of 29,990 INR, you can mask your VPN while securely surfing the web.

· Using secure HTTPS connection: HTTPS is the encrypted version of HTTP, used by every website on the internet. Vivo new phone models come with browsers that can upgrade your connection from HTTP to HTTPS. This encryption allows your password and other data to be protected even if leaked.

· Using a fully functioning Firewall: Vivo new phone models allow you to download any reputed firewall, which can work as another layer of protection.

· Using a reliable Antivirus: Vivo new phone models also let you use antivirus programs to remove viruses installed like the Kaspersky, AVG and Avast.

These were the main ways to protect yourself and your family from data thefts in a public wireless network. 

These tips are easy to follow and save you from cyber-criminals in public places.

Now with the knowledge of protecting your data in Vivo new phone models, you can easily protect yourself from an evil hacker. To keep your mobile Phone’s data safe and secure, consider buying the Vivo V21 price at 29,990 INR from the Bajaj EMI Store to enjoy a pre-approved offer.

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You can divide the entire Vivo V21 price of 29,990 INR into easy EMIs payable over a tenor of 3,6,12,24 months when you use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card for your purchase.


There are two main ways a hacker can steal your private data through the public Wireless Network: Hackers on the same network and Hackers creating a Fake WiFi hotspot using a toolkit like the Mana toolkit. This data can be used for criminal purposes like identity theft and money laundering.

The latest Vivo V21 price at 29,990 INR has inbuilt technology, which you can tweak to make your budger Vivo phone secure. You can enjoy a no-cost EMI when you buy Vivo new phone models using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card while also receiving cashback and other exciting perks.

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