Is CUET that Important? Find Out Why?

Before we get into “Why CUET is Important,” it’s important to know what CUET is. The National Testing Agency will administer the Central Institutions Common Entrance Test, which will be a common entrance exam for admissions to India’s 45+ central universities.

What is the significance of the CUET?

Until 2022, each central university had its own admissions system for undergraduate and graduate programs. To streamline this procedure, the Education Ministry has established CUET, which will be administered by NTA as a uniform exam for admissions to all of India’s central institutions.

The following are some of the reasons why CUET is important:

Each student is given the same chance.

Every student aspires to be accepted into their dream institution. However, owing to the importance of the 12th grade, not every student was given the same chance to apply to their preferred institution. The grades earned in the 12th grade were given top priority in the cut-off-based tests. With the introduction of the Cuet test series, every student now has a fair chance to score well on this common entrance exam and get admission to the finest institution possible.

Some colleges are concerned that, with the introduction of the single entrance exam, the weight and significance of the 12th grade would dwindle. However, this is most likely not the case. The CUET requires that the CUET marks be given a minimum of 50% weightage. As a result, colleges have yet to announce how much weight they would give to 12th-grade scores. Both the 12th-grade scores and the equality in the admittance procedure will be balanced in this way.

Rank Clarification

Students had limited understanding regarding their ranks in previous entry admittance methods, as we can observe. Due to 12th merit-based admissions, DU, for example, did not divulge student ranks. It produced turmoil among students, resulting in people moving from one college to the next. With the implementation of CUET, it is intended that students would no longer be in the dark regarding their grades and the colleges to which they will be admitted. The CUET rating will provide students with a clear understanding of their preferences, allowing them to concentrate on getting into the institution of their choice without any worry or confusion.

Wrestling will no longer be cutoff.

The popular cut-off technique used by several colleges will be phased out. Without a doubt, CUET will produce its rush, but the turmoil of the cut-off will be over. Now, each institution will participate in a single common entrance exam and will admit students based on the Cuet mock test series merits as well as the weightage of the 12th-grade scores. It’s past time for students’ aspirations to be prioritized, and for a fair system for college admissions to be implemented.

Each university is given the same chance.

The equity provided to all central institutions is one of the most remarkable responses to the question “Why CUET is important?” Until now, each university had its own set of undergraduate admissions procedures, which may or may not be fair to each college’s reputation. While some institutions used a cut-off mechanism, others used entrance examinations to determine admittance. Some institutions soared to prominence as a result of this arrangement, while others languished in obscurity. We expect that by using a standard entrance exam, such discrepancies will be reduced and that each university will have a fair opportunity of admitting students.

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