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Is Wireless Internet Good for Your Office?

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  • Pros of Wireless Internet
  • Cons of Wireless Internet
  • What’s the Verdict?

Wireless technology is becoming the mainstream way of getting all our devices connected, whether for professional or personal purposes. In an office setting, a good and stable internet connection is a must-have. This is why many companies are still contemplating whether relatively new wireless technology is a better choice than connecting your devices with conventional Ethernet cables. To help you decide for yourself, here is a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of having wireless internet in your office. 

Pros and Cons of Wireless Internet


More mobility

One of the biggest reasons why wireless technology is making so much success and impact on everyone is the mobility it has to offer. In your office, employees will not be restricted in one place if they need their devices to be connected to the internet. Wireless internet is also important for team working and meetings, where people need to gather up and use their devices with an internet connection. With wireless technology, this is made so much easier. 

No wire clutter

Everybody wants their workspace to look organized and presentable. If you don’t want wire clutter under your desks and your workers to get lost in the bunches of wires, then wireless technology will save the day for you. 

Quick and easy expandability

Need to add more equipment or devices to your office? Wireless technology ensures easy and quick expandability. You will not have to deploy another set of wired connections just to set up a new computer or a printing device. New equipment can quickly be configured with wireless internet, and it will be up and running in no time! This also means that adding new employees to your office will be very easy too. They will not have to wait for their work desk and their devices to be set up with cabled connections.

Cheaper installation

Wireless technology is becoming so common that finding equipment like routers and Wi-Fi extenders is very cheap and convenient. You can opt for Spectrum bundles to find the most affordable wireless internet equipment ever. Similarly, there are many other providers who have top-notch Wi-Fi equipment that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This is a misconception with wireless internet, that its equipment and installation are costly. In reality, the widespread availability of wireless internet and compatible devices has made it much cheaper. Not only is this but installing wireless technology for an office setting easy as well! 


Less secure

Your office’s sensitive data as well as the employee’s personal data is being transferred through airwaves. This means that the data is not secure enough and can be hijacked by anyone. Wireless technology is a liability if your office or company tends to use it to send sensitive data. Of course, many advances are being made to increase security by improving encryption such as WPA-2 and upgrading the quality of firewalls and antivirus, but there is still a huge security threat with wireless tech.

Vulnerable to external interference

Wireless internet is more vulnerable to external interferences and factors that can disrupt the stability and reliability of the connection. For example, something as simple as walls can act like obstructions when it comes to signal transmission. Due to such interferences, wireless internet can be inconsistent and unreliable when compared to wired technology. Plus, wireless networks are more visible to other devices that are compatible with wireless technology. So, there will be other devices and users who can interfere and disrupt your network intentionally or unintentionally. Resultantly, internet speeds, latency, and bandwidth get affected and become unstable. 

What’s the Verdict?

It looks like wireless technology has some decent advantages that one may enjoy, such as easy expandability and mobility. However, some offices and companies might prioritize their security more than anything else. Therefore, wireless technology is not the best choice for those who use the internet for transmitting sensitive data. The good news is that this security threat can be minimized. It can be handled with care if all necessary precautions such as firewalls are used and only the best type of wireless internet equipment is used. Advanced routers come with powerful built-in security encryption that provides you with internet security almost as good as wired internet. 

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