Flexeril medication

Know everything about Flexeril medication for pain 

The introduction of medications is a boon for humankind. Several deadly diseases that could not be treated otherwise are now on the brink of extinction. This has mainly factored for the increase in overall life expectancy all around the world. But, since every boon asks for caution, medicines too should be taken on the advice of a certified medical practitioner. Else, it could easily overturn the benefits. 

Cyclobenzaprine or Flexeril for pain islargely emanating from muscle spasms. These are generally prescribed for pain that is of sudden onset. It is an oral medicine that should be taken in the proper dosage as per the prescriptions. The effects of flexeril medication last for a few weeks only and should be discontinued after that. That simply means that there is a steady pain reduction within 2 weeks of prescribed consumption but that proves to be ineffective after that if continued. It works by targeting the central nervous system that primarily deals with sending motor signals to muscles. The half-life of this drug is somewhere around 18 hours. It is also used in various topical creams. 

The doctor only advises this medication if the benefits far outweigh the side effects introduced by its consumption. It can cause headaches, a feeling of constant tiredness, a dizzying state, and a dry mouth. In some serious cases, it can also lead to an irregular heartbeat. It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. Though there is not a proper availability of certified data for it, any medication for that matter could easily pass into the breast milk which can cause harm to the infant. 

Cautionary guidelines to be kept in mind: 

It should not ever be coupled with antidepressants and MAO inhibitors which are used to treat serious psychological distress situations like panic disorders and social phobia. Though it is coupled with the treatment of tetanus and proves to be an effective drug for that. Whereas in some other cases when it is combined with ibuprofen, for instance, no extra effects of pain reduction happen.

This medicine is proven to have sedative effects on the body due to its antagonistic effects on histamine, serotonin, and muscarinic receptors. 

This medicine is not at all recommended for elderly people because it may induce agitation in them. It can also cause confusion, delirium, and situations of cognitive impairment in them.

Those persons who have any comorbid conditions like liver or heart problems are advised to mention them to the doctor. It is because if you are taking any other drug that can interact with Flexeril, it can prove to be lethal. Also, mention if you are on any sort of drugs like marijuana, MDMA /ecstasy, or a regular consumer of alcohol. 

It should be kept at room temperature. Out of reach from children as well as pets and should be discarded according to appropriate methods.

What happens in case of an overdose?

Well, an overdose can lead to seizures and several other such painful conditions. Dysphagia, a condition that leads to difficulty in swallowing is also reported. It can cause mental changes like hallucinations and urinating problems. It can also lead to allergies for which you should always consult the doctor. 

How to take the medicine?

On the advice of a doctor along with proper rest and physical therapy, this medicine is to be taken orally with or without food as directed in the given prescription. Its effects depend on the medical condition for which it is given and the response it generates towards it.

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