Many Reasons Why Students Did Not Go To School

Many Reasons Why Students Did Not Go To School

One of the most important things in life is education. It can be said that it is the foundation of one’s future. However, this is not always the case, as there are several reasons why students do not go to school. In fact, there are numerous reasons why students did not go to school. These include:

1) Lack of parental support

2) Back To School Necklace

3) Lack of interest in learning

4) Learning disabilities

5) Bullying at school

6) Emotional problems

7) Family problems

8) Teenage pregnancy

9) Drug and alcohol abuse

There are many reasons why students do not go to school. Some of them cause trouble, some become pregnant, and some just don’t care about school.

School is the place to learn. That’s why all children need to go to school. However, many students in Indonesia skip school for some reason. Some of them even skip school all the time. Here are some reasons why students do not go to school:

1. They were never taught the importance of education

Many students who do not go to school are those who have never been taught the importance of education. They also do not know that going to school is their right as human beings. Therefore, they think that education is useless and just wasting time and money.

2. They think they will be successful in life if they do not go to school

Some people believe that they can become rich if they start working young or do a business early on. These people are usually influenced by poor parents who encourage their child to quit from school and start working so that he can help his family financially. This is a very wrong idea because education is essential for success in life, no matter what field you work in.

3. Dropping out of school due to financial problems

Some students drop out of school because their families cannot afford to pay for their education cost any more, or because they have other priorities such as financing their siblings’ education or helping their parents

Why don’t students go to school?

The reasons are as varied as the students themselves. Sometimes it’s something small like they’re afraid they’ll miss their ride to school. Other times, it can be something more serious—they don’t feel safe at school, or they’re worried about a difficult situation at home.

Whatever the reason, kids who don’t go to school regularly aren’t getting what they need to succeed. They miss out on important lessons and social interactions, plus there’s a huge link between attendance and achievement levels in school.

Here are some of the reasons that students gave for not going to school:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sleeping in and saving money, but there are other reasons why students don’t go to school. Let’s talk about them!

1. The weather is too cold/hot/wet/icy. 

2. It’s too far (aka, the walk to class would take more than five minutes). 

3. No one else is going (this is a big one). 

4. My professor gives bad lectures (some professors are actually engaging, but they aren’t the majority). 

5. I have an exam next week (I’ll study better in my dorm room). 

6. There’s a party tonight, so I need to get ready (it will be on Facebook if I miss it). 

7. My family needs me at home right now (they’re calling/texting and asking when I’m coming home). 

8. I have to work today (I’d rather not fail my classes, but we all need money to live on our own after school ends). 

9. I have other priorities that take precedence over class attendance (like catching up on my favorite TV show or playing video games until 4 am when sleep deprivation becomes an issue again). 

10. My friend just broke up with their significant other, so now he needs me more than

Schools do not teach anything about management

A lot of schools do not teach anything about money management, so when students get a job, they sometimes spend all their money on frivolous things and have nothing left when they need something important.  Parents can help with this by teaching their children how to manage their money better.

If you have teenagers who work, they may need help learning how to budget their money. It’s good if you can open them a checking account or start an investment fund for them so that they can learn how these things work. Then you can teach them how to write checks and balance their checkbook.

When I was in school, it seemed like there were always a few kids in my class who were absent on any given day. Of course, some of those absences were due to the flu or other illnesses, but I always wondered about the occasional kids who would miss school for no reason I could see. Later, as a teacher, I had a better insight into why students miss school and how their attendance affects them.

Final Thought

Parents might think their child is fine to stay home from school because he’s not sick enough to need medical attention, or because he’s not old enough to be left home alone while they’re at work, but research shows that every day absent from school falls behind in his learning. There are also some unexpected reasons students might skip school without parents knowing about it:

-Low self-esteem

-Lack of motivation


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