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Best sexologist in Delhi for Penile Enlargement Surgeries

Penile Surgeries in Delhi are the most prominent way to increase penile length permanently. Men dealing with low penile length opt for this method to get the ideal size for better sexual performance and pleasure during intimate times. Thus, men seek these surgeries to treat both physical and psychological satisfaction. Dr. Chirag Bhandari- the best sexologist in Delhi, offers penile enlargement surgeries using the latest techniques and methodologies with the best success rates in the city. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the multi-speciality sexual health clinic founder of- Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, India. At IASH, he provides all types of sexual treatments, including penile enlargement to increase the girth and length of the male reproductive part with a single procedure. 

What is Penile Enlargement, and Why is It done? 

People often get confused by the “average” size and the “ideal” size of a penis. 

90% of the men do not have any pragmatic information about what is the ideal penis size. And discussing it in a society in India is still taboo. Some people think that the perfect size of the penis is 8 inch while some think 12. 

“The average size of the penis is between 5 to 6 inches long when it is erect. And when it is flaccid, it is around 4 to 5 inches,” says Dr. Chirag Bhandari

When a man has a length of fewer than 2.8 inches, then a man is said to have low penile length. And due to this small size, he cannot perform ideal intercourse or satisfy his partner. As a result, a man loses his sexual desires and the ability to achieve the satisfaction in bed. Not only does it destroy a man’s confidence, but it also makes him lose his relationship as well. 

To overcome this sexual tension and save the marriage, men opt for penis enlargement surgeries. Through these surgeries, they change the way their genitalia looks to gain back the lost confidence. 

Types of Penile Enlargement Surgeries by Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH, India

1. Girth Enlargement by the best Sexologist in Delhi- Dr. Chirag

A man’s desire behind a penile enlargement surgery is to increase the confidence and satisfaction to perform well in bed. If you face difficulty maintaining a sexual relationship with your partner, then girth enlargement is what you need. Whatever the size was earlier, this treatment will increase the size of your penis from what you had before. 

a.Girth Enlargement by Acellular Dermal Graft 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari specialises in using “Patient Customized” dermal substitute (a human-derived and biological material) for Girth augmentation. Dr. Chirag imports the dermal graft from countries like the USA or South Korea to treat people in India at IASH. 

Benefits of Acellular Girth Enlargement 

  • It is safe and permanent. 
  • It makes the girth thicker and more prominent. 
  • Due to the removal of immunologic protein reactions, there is no immune system rejection.  
  • The shape of the enlarged penis is natural and non-noticeable by the partner. 
  • A man will experience a length increment between 2-5 centimetres. 

b.Girth Enlargement by Patient’s Own Dermal Graft  

Another penile enlargement surgery that Dr. Chirag Bhandari offers at IASH, India, is Girth Enlargement by Autograft. In this treatment, Dr. Chirag uses the patient’s fat layer, for example, skin from buttocks, lower abdomen, and inner thighs for enlargement of girth. 

Advantages of Autograft Girth Enlargement  

  • For the enhancement, doctors can use a good volume of fat and dermis of the patient. 
  • Get an increase between 2-5 inches.
  • Treatment has high graft success rates. 

c.Girth Enlargement by Liposuction

This technique involves the removal of subcutaneous fat with the help of liposuction. Generally, the fat is taken from the lower abdominal area and harvested to the penile region using a suction cannula. 

d.Girth Enlargement by Fillers 

Dr. Chirag at IASH, India, uses two types of Filler techniques – Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) and Fillers and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers.

Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) is a treatment in which they inject a mixture of pulverised Acellular dermal matrix mixed with saline to the penis.

While the other one –Fillers and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers, in which Hyaluronic acid (a natural component of human skin) is injected into the male reproductive part. 

2. Lengthening 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari has extensive knowledge of penile enlargement and offers various kinds of surgeries, including Lengthening. 

This method is generally used for obese people and ones with short penile length. They use abdominal fat to increase the size up to 1-3 cm in the flaccid state. It is the safest method for enlargement. 

The penile lengthening surgery exteriorized that part of the penis hidden inside a man’s body and contributes up to ⅓ of the total penis length. In this method, Dr. Chirag cuts the ligament at the base of the penis with a low abdominal incision. And these ligaments allow the penis to grow naturally. 

3. Glans Enlargement 

In Glans Enlargement, Dr. Chirag uses special dermal fillers (with no reactivity to human tissues) and performs augmentation at the head of the penis. Dermal fillers are those special fillers that decrease the reaction and promote outcomes. 

With Glans enlargement treatment using special filters, a man gets around 1-3 cm of increase in the girt size. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari- the best sexologist in Delhi at IASH, India, will give you multiple options to choose your ideal treatment. Visit IASH, India website to learn more about the treatments. 

Chirag Bhandari- The Best Sexologist in Delhi for Penile Enlargement Surgery in India 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one of the top 10 sexologist in India and the best sexologist in Delhi for penile enlargement treatment. Dr. Chirag is contributing all his work to promote male sexual health and wellness in India. And after undergoing intensive training under andrology and sexology for several years, he mastered treating men’s sexual problems. 

Dr. Chirag is the only sexologist in Delhi who had practiced penile surgeries all across the globe. He is now offering the best penile enlargement treatments at IASH, India, to help people overcome their sexual inferiority causes. 

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