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Few of us document the progress of our side projects. For those who do this, these documents can become an insider book, a “mission diary” of an astronaut on a distant planet, who can tell us how to tame a cruel and hostile world. With the introduction of RDWorks, China’s laser cutting machines have finally received a comprehensive and detailed guide to get the professional. Over 90 videos in total in two episodes (and growing!) Retired Sheet Metal Machinist [Russ] takes us on a big tour of modernizing, characterizing, and getting the most out of your recent purchase of a Chinese machine tool. laser cutting. Want to learn about laser physics? Look no further than part 2. Wondering how lens size affects power output? Take a look at Chapter 39. Looking for additional beam alignment videos? Check out Chapter 31. For every undocumented quirk with these machines, [Russ] approaches every problem with the analytical discipline of a data-driven scientist, measures and characterizes each quirk with his own set of tools, and then comes up with a solution to that oddity. In some cases, this is just a minor screw adjustment. Other times, [Russ] shows us his mechanical magic with a custom hardware solution (usually laser cut). [Russ] also gives us the technical knowledge of an experienced machinist who applies classic machine solutions such as a pin table to produce parts with clean edges that are not affected by laser beams from parts cut in a traditional honeycomb bed. Durable build logs are hard to come by with gemstones, and the Chinese [Russa] laser cutter stands out as a specimen that will stand the test of time. No room for a laser cutter? See Guerrilla’s Guide to CNC Machining, Mold Making and Resin Casting for Micromachinery Manufacturers.

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