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Steven Rindner Shares His Knowledge About Stem Cells

The raw materials that make up the human body are known as stem cells.It is from these cells that the other specialized functional cells evolve. The stem cells give birth to what is known as daughter cells if the body conditions are perfect. Steven Rindner, a science enthusiast while doing his bachelor’s degree in biology, began collecting information on various scientific things. He has done his research on stem cells as well and loves to share his insights with all biology aficionados such as him.

Need to study stem cell

The study of stem cells is very important because of the clarity it brings in understanding how diseases come into being and their development. Scientists and researchers are better positioned to generate healthy cells and replace them with unhealthy disease-causing ones by gaining knowledge about these stem cells. Since a study of the stem cells, helps to understand the functioning of the building blocks of the human body, people with injuries in the spinal cord, type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease can benefit from it as well.

A study of stem cells is also very helpful in understanding the creation of new drugs.  It facilitates the comprehension of the safety of a newly created drug for the masses. This proves to be of great help in drug development; for example, nerve stem cells could be used to test new drugs for nervous diseases.

Stem cells and their origin

Among the many sources of origin of stem cells, the first one of them is called an embryonic stem cell. The embryos which are a few days old are the house to this kind of stem cell. An adult stem cell is found in the tissues like the fat or bone marrow of adults. Initially, scientists were of the idea that adult cells could generate only similar cells; for example, a blood cell can create a blood cell. However, with further research and studies, it was found that adult stem cells were capable of producing other types of cells too. For example, a marrow cell can be used to generate a heart muscle cell.

Biology major student Steven Rindner further informs that stem cells are capable of self-renewal and reproduction. The studies on stem cells never cease and more discoveries are continually being made one product of which is the existence of what is known as the induced pluripotent stem cells.  These types of stem cells are taken from adult stem cells.

This cell was created because it was believed that adult stem cells are not as versatile as embryonic ones. Also known as the “precursor cells,” this stem cell type can reproduce any kind of cell and behaves like an embryonic stem cell.

Based on the information imparted by Steven Rindner, stem cells can be used in therapy. It is known by the name regenerative medicine. It is thus safe to conclude that stem cells have created an evolutionary niche for themselves in the world of medication and treatment.

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