pious last rites services

The most pious last rites services

What happens after death when a soul leaves the body and goes for the heavenly abode?Many pieces of research have been conducted worldwide, and everyone puts forth their philosophy. Still, whatever the conclusion be, the last rites of the body are considered the most important ones.

We deliver the best funeral arranging services in the city.Our holy workers are dedicated persons who have been in this service and know-how and what must be done.

We understand your concern

We are a group of young, dynamic, dedicated people who have spent a part of our life in this service.We understand that this time of grieving and loss is hard, but certain formalities also have to be done simultaneously. Therefore, we are here to worry on your behalf.Passing away young onesrequires so much to be dealt with both emotionally and managerially.Arranging for the cremation to bid a pious farewell to your loved ones is more of our responsibility than our job because you are like our own family.Your grief is our utmost concern.Leave your worries to us. 

How to find us?

We are like your shadow, always there for you.We are well connected for our services through various channels of communication. Reach us through Nigam bodh ghat contact number Delhi, or email, fax, and letter.

How to begin with?

Finding a cremation ground at the 11th hour can be a hectic task; we give emergency cremation services and registration 24hr before for an easy process. The Nigam Bodh ghat registration facility is available on our site 24*7.Search for our name and click the URL; you will be relocated to our website; click on the “new registration” window, fill in the details, and confirm your number and email id viz, an OTP, you become our registered user.This registration process is essential to track your address and collect other information whenever needed (Note- We do not share any of the data provided by you other than for company use. Your information is safe with us).

Services we offer

Our company provides various services with consistency and commitment in parallel.We provide end-to-end services to our customers, including door pickup of a dead body, hearsay van service, and ambulance.We have fixed charges for hiring ambulances based on the travel distance and time, charging non- ac-20 rupees/km, ac-30 rupees/km.We also arrange for caretakers for the body until it is cremated, arrange for dead bodies, call the priest as per requirement and provide freezer services for the body to be preserved.Our charges for freezer boxes are 1000 rupees/day.

We understand that the final farewell to your loved onesconstantlyhas to be a most religiously moving process. Nothing should be left undone to bid the excellent soul the final adieu!Our people also decorate the vans and cremation boxes depending upon the family’s wish.We use fresh and blooming flowers to fill the last minutes with the essence of love and gratefulness.

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