The Renter’s Guide To Curtains & Blinds

You’ve probably lived in rental properties before and know how important good curtains and blinds are in creating a home that feels like your own. You may find that rental properties have flimsy curtains or blinds that are not as durable as they used to be. This could prompt you to replace these curtains with your own set of blockout and sheer curtains.

How do you install curtains in rental homes without using fixed curtain rods? How do you determine which curtains or blinds will best suit your rental property? This handy guide is written by renters for renters and answers all these questions. Learn more about how to transform your rental property into an inviting home by simply hanging blinds and curtains.

Request Permission To Hang Curtains In Your Rental

You will need to inform your landlord or rental provider that you intend to alter or remove the window coverings. It is a common request so it should not be difficult to obtain written permission from your landlord.

Any alteration that permanently or penetrates the walls of your rental property is not considered reasonable change. This includes mounting hooks, screws or shelving on plaster walls and installing curtain rods. To ensure that your curtains match the existing curtain rod in your rental property, you will need to speak with your property manager.

You can use magnetic or adhesive options to install curtains if there is no rodding available. You might be interested in renting a curtain rod.

Hang Curtains In A Rental Home

After you have received permission from your landlord to install the blinds or curtains you want in your rental property, it is time to start looking for them. Your landlord will likely give permission for curtains, but not blinds. Blind installation is more complicated and may not be possible without screws.

This little “how to” will help you get curtains that you love. Before you add any digital or physical items to your carts make sure to take the time to think about what type of curtain panels you would like. The eyelet curtains are the best for curtains in rental properties. These panels are extremely easy to set up and take down, as they don’t require curtain tracks. The rod attaches directly to the panel via its metallic eyelets. They are a must-have for rental properties due to their versatility.

You can install a curtain style other than the pencil pleat curtains with minimal effort using one of the Country Blinds curtain rings or your own curtain rod. For more information on how to install hanging pencil pleat curtains, check out our handy guide.

Choosing The Right Curtains And Blinds To Decorate Your Rental Property

Country Blinds does not stock all types of curtains or blinds that will be suitable for rental properties. We are here to help. We have compiled the knowledge and experience of Country Blinds’ home designers to help you choose the right curtains or blinds for your rental property.

Curtains For Kids’ Rooms In Rental Properties

You may want to replace the curtains and blinds in your rental property if you have young children. These panels can provide warmth, privacy, colour or all three. Particularly for young families who live in rental properties, temperature regulation is a concern. Country Blinds’ designers have taken this into consideration when creating our children’s room curtains.

Country Blinds’ Skagen nursery curtains are easy to hang thanks to their eyelet design. They can also be styled easily in rental property kids rooms and nurseries. Our Skagen panels can also be used as multi-layered blockout curtains to regulate temperature, so your children’s bedrooms will stay cool and comfortable all year.

Bathroom Curtains And Blinds

Although your landlord might not approve blinds being installed in bedrooms, your rental provider may be able to grant you permission to have blinds placed in the kitchen and bathrooms. Blinds are more suited for interior spaces that are susceptible to moisture than fabric window coverings.

Our white timber venetian shades are a great choice for rental properties. Our timber-look blinds are easy to style thanks to their white coating. This also reduces the risk of sun damage. These blinds can be installed on windows facing north. These blind panels are also made from PVC, which prevents water damage.

Temperature Control Considerations

Renters should be aware that the new place they are renting may not feel as cozy as it used to. Renters don’t want the winter chill to affect their rental property.

This is exactly why blockout curtain are so popular in rental properties. Blockout curtains are natural insulators due to their multi-layered design. They also provide light control and light control. Blockout curtains are a great addition to your living and dining areas in rental properties or larger rooms that require additional temperature control.

Our guide to landlords might be the right resource for you if you are a landlord looking for answers about hanging or changing out blinds and curtains in your rental property. Country Blinds has a blog. You can also shop our selection of affordable and stylish curtains, blinds and curtain rods to make your new home feel warm and inviting.

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