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Top Electric Pressure Washers for Commercial Use

It can be difficult to find the right high-pressure washer. It is important to consider the various engines, pumps, components, and user experiences.

Also, you need to take into account the power pressures that are available and decide which pressure is best for each surface.

Although gas pressure washers are effective, they emit carbon monoxide which can make them unsafe to use indoors. A professional electric power washer is a great alternative.

If you are looking for a commercial pressure washer of high quality, but don’t know where to start, then look no further. We’ll show you the best electric pressure washers that can be used in commercial settings.

Residential High Pressure Washers vs. Commercial

There are significant differences between residential and commercial pressure washers. Commercial washers tend to be faster and more efficient than domestic washers.

A commercial washer is used for industrial cleaning, such as cleaning garages, warehouses and office buildings, graffiti removal, sandblasting, and other tasks.

High pressure commercial cleaners are typically more expensive than domestic pressure water.

Feature stronger pump heads

Handle more intensive use

Enjoy a longer life expectancy

Ceramic pistons with features to prevent corrosion

Electric vs. Petrol Pressure Washers

If you are interested in buying a pressure washer commercially, then the next step is to decide whether an electric or fuel-powered washer will be best for you.

Petrol High Pressure Washers rely on fuel for power, so they don’t need to be close to a switch. They are heavier, more complicated and require frequent maintenance. This should be simple if you are familiar with how a fuel-powered washer operates. If not, you will need to contact a professional. You will also find a washer with a higher power pressure (approximately 5, 000 PSI).

Electric high-pressure washers are powered by electricity and are generally intended for residential use. It has a low water pressure (approximately 2000 PSI) and is lightweight. These are not suitable for industrial or commercial use. They are simpler to maintain and don’t require additional parts. Great for beginners.

However, electric high pressure washers can be used for residential purposes. We’ll show you the best electric pressure washers.

3 Recommendations for Commercial Electric Pressure Washers

The JETWAVE pressure washer electric pressure washer is a top-quality pressure washer that can be used for commercial purposes. This light commercial pressure washer can perform at 2,000 PSI at 10 L/min at 1,400 RPM.

Some of its most notable features are:

Strong injection-molded plastic casing

Accessible, easily storable gun and lance

Support handles for power cable and hose

Removable detergent tank

Massive wheels (220 mm O).

Built-in unloaded valve


The JETWAVE pressure washer has a medium-duty electric motor that can produce 1,595 PSI at 12 liters/minute.

The JETWAVE K701 has many benefits:

Protect your washer with a robust stainless steel cover

Easy storage of gun, cable, and hose on handle, as well as a convenient mounting option for the hose

Massive pneumatic wheels (o320 mm).

This 4-pole thermal-protected electric motor (1400 RPM) is ideal for heavy duty work. It also has a pump-motor coupling system.


Another heavy-duty electric commercial pressure washer is the JETWAVEK891 TS. It runs at 1,400 revolutions per hour.

This washer is great for heavy use.

Cover made of stainless steel

You can service your brass suction filter easily when needed

Motor with oversize and paint-protected 4 pole (1400 pm).

Professional unloader valve

Pump-motor coupling system of high quality

Want To Buy An Electric High-pressure Washer For Commercial Use?

There are many electric washers available to buy if you need a high-pressure washer for industrial or commercial purposes.

We have highlighted the top 3 pressure washers, and provided details about the amazing benefits that you can enjoy.

Contact our experts to find out everything you need to know about commercial pressure washers, and which one will be best for your company.

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