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Why choose OJS Cloud for your OJS?

Any open journal system is an extremely significant tool to manage the scientific needs. There is no superior way to improve internationally than properly organizing knowledge. Therefore journal management systems play a significant role in scientific development. The prominence lies in the fact that all the contents are carefully reviewed for publishing all the knowledge. Let us also see why you can select OJS Cloud for your OJS for a better understanding.

This type of knowledge is best for the management of information and the existence of open sources.

What is an open journal system?

An open-source system allows you to manage, evaluate, and form all the systematic content for publication. Everything is controlled by editors that have set servers for the better content management. Furthermore, it is a system that assists people in training so that they are able to move ahead step by step in assembling their journals in a very proficient way.

This is imperative if you consider all the account guidelines which WOS and Scopus distribute. All these protocols have to be followed in order to take the scientific journal from 0 to publication and its ISSN.

Navicosoft is your ultimate digital partner for hosting the OJS platform. We provide you custom OJS development team for developing the portal using full access to the online submission as well as managing the publications. The sites are developed using the latest version 3.x.x OJS version that includes all the future updates competencies so that you can use this mainstream technology using open journal  system hosting.

Why OJS Cloud for your OJS?

This service holds a significant importance for the effective publication of a systematic journal. The reason for its popularity is that the information is secure, reliable, and authentic while dealing with such type of document and choosing OJS Cloud for your OJS. Such information is stored in the cloud, whereas numerous servers deliver you the data security that you are already searching for a scientific journal.

In addition to this, it helps you get high-performance servers that help in assisting all this. Therefore, even if you get the same time with 99.99% uptime, your sever will encounter no difficulties.

It also indicates that you will have to maintain your server as well as backups with the system updates. In addition to this, it protects you from sudden events that might occur even in your daily routine. However, these are not all aspects because, with OJS, you can also attain many more advantages of choosing OJS Cloud for your OJS.

New Journal Setup: 

It is a modality that allows both the researchers and the publishers to start off with the journals in the best possible way. In addition to this, it allows them to use the system and effortlessly set up the journal to apply for the ISSN journal at a minimal or no extra cost.

OJS Setup & Upgrade: 

OJS Setup & Upgrade feature lets you generate spontaneous updates along with the scientific journal to always be in the front position. Similarly, it also provides a journal configuration service (such as OJS 2 and OJS 3) that shows the configuration and performance when it comes to security as well as optimization.

OJS Plugin Development: 

OJS Plugin Development feature lets researchers and publishers create a custom plugin for the scientific journals. It clearly means that even if the customers need to spread their functionality by using the OJS plugin or even if they want to integrate it by simply using OJS API with the internal system, it is only possible with OJS.

OJS Theme Development: 

The feature permits the researcher to develop the presence of the journal setup in a preeminent way. Therefore, this kind of design is changed so that users have a prodigious experience even if they are operating from computers or smartphones.

OJS Training: 

OJS Training means that people are proficient enough to go through the whole process of publishing the scientific journal in just a few steps.

Advanced OJS Hosting in Cloud: 

The service provides users a security, speed, and accessibility with a specific speed for any high-profile researcher in producing the scientific journal.

Journal Editorial Services: 

The feature lets you manage all the essential editorial services. Moreover, you can build digital/physical certificates specifically for the authors.

Navicosoft provides the best Open Journal hosting!

OJS Hosting is essential for making your journals as well as articles index using a single database where you can get millions of research materials online. It makes the publication accessible for the right person without creating any hassle for looking down into search results. By getting your own unique database such as the PKP index, Open Journal System is the accurate solution for hosting the institution’s articles hosting these journals internationally. OJS Hosting has a typical research-oriented indexing system fine-tuned for rendering hassle-free access for desirable content using a brief depiction of keywords. Hence you can approach Navicosoft for Open Journal hosting.

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