Why is Oracle Cloud a Viable Option

Oracle Corporation offers Oracle Cloud as a cloud computing service. They also provide servers, storage, network, applications, and services through managed data centres. Oracle Cloud is the only public cloud built from scratch to be a better cloud for every application. It is a computing service for the cloud. It combines Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, and Database as a Service. 

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Oracle Cloud versus Other Cloud Platforms

AWS, Microsoft, and Google dominate the world’s cloud market. The platforms like Oracle, Alibaba, and IBM are still trying to make their presence in the market. Small cloud service providers are majorly used for tailored support or particular requirements that more prominent cloud platforms cannot fulfil. 

AWS is one of the first cloud computing platforms that are widely available. It is also an IaaS and PaaS market leader. 

Alibaba Cloud was initially used to provide platform support to the Alibaba Group, but now it provides various cloud services globally. As a result, it has a considerable market share of IaaS in China and Asia-Pacific. 

Oracle Cloud is trying to survive in the market, and business users respond positively to it. It also has a partnership with Microsoft Azure making the customers run their operations on two platforms. Oracle cloud has meticulous architecture, and they are pretty competitive as compared to different cloud platform providers.

Professionals or business users can also learn to transform technology infrastructure to the cloud by taking Oracle training. One can also opt for Microsoft certification as Oracle is partnered with Microsoft Azure. 

Oracle Cloud Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows the customers to run extensive applications and services in Oracle’s hosted environment. Oracle provides users with Virtual Machines to handle the various levels of workloads and business needs. It also provides archive storage, volume storage, and object storage to suit the business needs demanded by various applications. Oracle Cloud supports private networks as well with continuous security.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides users with the efficiency to build, deploy, and extend applications in the cloud. Oracle combines artificial learning with machine learning to provide businesses with autonomous solutions. As a result, the Oracle cloud platform has the first autonomous Database in the market. It also provides end-to-end security by monitoring hybrid cloud environments. 

Software as a Service (PaaS) is also known as Oracle Cloud Applications. They offer different and industry-specific products and services with several deployment choices for smooth functioning. In addition, it offers a portfolio of products to choose from, suiting the needs of the businesses in various industries. 

Database as a Service (PaaS) provides external data to the users with the help of Oracle ID Graph. It provides businesses with a means of understanding the customers efficiently. 

Few Advantages of Adopting Oracle Cloud

1. Delivers a second-generation cloud

Oracle Cloud offers tools and architecture to the business to flawlessly move from on-premise to the cloud with improved automation and high security. It is designed for innovation and supports technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. It is the only platform that provides IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

2. Supports Your Long-Term Plans

It is mainly designed for performance predictability and high-level security to manage critical and performance-based workloads. 

3. Maximized Price and Performance

Oracle Cloud Platform offers the best price and performance in the cloud market. Workloads often require fewer servers and fewer storage volumes that help in cost reduction and delivering optimized performance. 

4. Agility

Oracle Cloud offers its users the flexibility to respond quickly to changing industry trends, technology, and consumer demands. 

5. High Security with Reduced Errors

It is designed for high-level security and reduces risks due to the self-repairing systems on the autonomous databases. 

An Oracle Certified Associate or Oca Certification can help you adopt all these advantages and maximize the business operations.

By adopting Oracle Cloud Applications, businesses can function smoothly and efficiently with lower costs. There are several Oracle Cloud training programs available in the market to help you achieve Oracle Cloud certification.

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