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Why Should You Consider Doing a Citrix Online Course in Networking?

Online courses allow you to complete them at your own pace. Moreover, you can have more time to specialize in your chosen field effortlessly and effectively. Citrix Online Courses are one of those courses, providing you the required knowledge and skills to optimize network security, performance, and automation.

The usefulness of the Citrix courses

Citrix Systems is famous for its virtualization product suite, which consists of Xen desktop, server, and application. The suite is a well-known substitute to Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, and other venture virtualization and cloud offerings.

A course on Citrix Networking training allows you to leverage the potential of Citrix application delivery controller (ADC). It includes:

  • Putting the delivery for app and desktop into practice
  • Networking performance and optimization
  • Network security
  • Automation
  • Orchestration

Citrix designs all of its online courses professionally to enable learners like you to master the chosen subjects. Citrix designs its online courses to bring your dream of becoming a networking professional to reality. Thus, doing one of such courses will enable you to work as a full-fledged network administrator, engineer, systems engineer, sys-admin, or cloud administrator. You will be capable of implementing and managing Citrix ADC for load balancing, traffic management, SSL offloading, and content switching efficiently with these courses. Above all, you will also be capable of installing, managing, and supporting Citrix Gateway 12 and Citrix ADC environments.

Why do you need a Citrix Certification?

If you have a Citrix certification in hand, it will establish your proficiency. If you are an IT professional, a Citrix Certification validates that you have the skill to install, configure, and handle relevant Citrix Networking products or Digital Workplace in complex enterprise networking and cloud environments. The Citrix qualifications path has three levels of experience, such as:

  • Citrix Certified Professional
  • Citrix Certified Associate
  • Citrix Certified Expert for Networking and Virtualization

Pursuing a Citrix online course will allow you to get yourself familiar with all aspects of network technology. It means you can optimize your network, automate it, improve its security and performance.

Moreover, the path of Citrix online courses features qualifications for Desktops and Citrix Virtual Apps on Citrix Cloud or Azure cloud platform of Microsoft, including:

  • Citrix Endpoint Management
  • Citrix ShareFile
  • Citrix SD-WAN
  • Citrix XenServer

These courses offer better job opportunities for IT professionals like you to work for Citrix solution providers with civilized pay.

Besides credentials that need you to pass certification examinations, the Citrix courses offer you digital badges on your skills and abilities. You can display them on your resumes to demonstrate your knowledge and skill with different Citrix products and solutions. These badges need completion of a relevant Citrix online course and assessments.

How can you take an exam on Citrix courses?

Usually, Pearson VUE handles the examinations of all Citrix Online courses. It is an electronic testing corporation having more than 5,000 Citrix authorized test centers throughout the world. You can take the exam on your Citrix course at a Pearson VUE examination center in your area.  However, you can take some certification examinations at your office or home. In both the cases, an authorized proctor will supervise the exams. 

What online courses does Citrix offer?

In the networking field, Citrix offers four comprehensive courses, such as:

  1. CCA-N
  2. CCP-N
  3. CCE-N

While the CCA-N course is a Citrix Certified Associate networking course, the CCP-N is a Citrix Certified Professional networking course. If you want to become an expert in the networking field, you can consider doing CCE-N or the Citrix Certified Expert networking course.  Citrix offers advanced training in SD-WAN, known as the CC-SDWAN course.

All Citrix online courses are tier-based certification programs, such as Associate, Professional, and Expert. It means that each lower level is a requirement for the higher tier. Besides these three levels, there is a Citrix Networking certification course, as well.  This course educates you on the Software-Defined WAN.

You can find many coaching centers online offering different Citrix courses. Among them, RPS Consulting can be reliable and affordable. You should remember, as well, that Citrix certifications are valid only for three years after completing the pertinent Citrix certification examination. You can renew your Citrix certification through any of these trusted consulting firms affordably and quickly.

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