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How do I get the cheapest electric skateboard?

Shape and Size

Electric skateboards come in almost every shape and size, but they all have one thing in common: electricity. You can get an electric skateboard within a reasonable price range of $200-600. The cheapest ones on the market are generally going to be the most basic models that lack key features like performing tricks or controlling speed. If budget is your top concern, your best bet is to pick a cheap electric longboard without any of the bells and whistles.

Commuting around town

Your next step is to consider what you expect out of your board. If you’re more interested in commuting around town or carving hills than doing tricks, then look for an item that has a larger deck of around 35 inches with standard-sized wheels. These boards are the least expensive items on the market at around $200, but they also have a more basic motor and battery. Some of these products may come with LED lights or even Bluetooth speakers to make your ride that much more comfortable.

Board with a deck

If you’re more of an avid rider who would rather spend some extra money for a higher-quality item that can stand up to your demands, then you may want to consider an alternative board with a deck that is over 40 inches from end to end. These boards typically have a more powerful motor and the longest-lasting battery of any product on the market. A large deck also allows you to ride in a more comfortable position for taller riders. These boards are the more expensive models on the market, but some offer Bluetooth connectivity and other bells and whistles.

Types of Board

Additionally, you can look for an electric skateboard with a deck wider than usual. If you would like to ride off-road or over rough terrain, then consider getting one of these products by brands like Riptide R1, Boosted Board, or Inboard M1. They typically have a more powerful motor as well as large, inflated tires for cruising over different surfaces.


To recap, the cheapest electric skateboards are usually basic products without any extra features that can still be waterproof and sturdy enough to handle riding for longer periods. If you’re looking for the best performance, then you’ll want to look for an electric skateboard with a longer deck and larger wheels. The cheapest boards are generally just under $200, but the most expensive ones cost over $1000 due to their high-end motors and batteries.


If you’re wondering how much does it cost to ride an electric skateboard every day, then you’ll probably need to spend at least $200 on the cheapest electric skateboards. If you have more money to invest in a product, then some of the boards with extra features are definitely worth it even if they are more expensive.


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