How To Make Your Own Printed Playing Cards Boxes

Card playing is a game played worldwide in the social gathering and parties. Have you been struggling to make your own printed playing card boxes? It has become a lot easier and cheaper than before. There will be no more boring splitting of cards, no more messing with the glue stick or no more bizarre images or other printed methods that don’t give your playing card the same feel and look as you see in the stores. There are card boxes available online or you can make them on your own. It is prodigious and it allows you to make the size of your deck, the bottle style with your own specifications.

Playing card boxes keep your cards safe from being misplaced or folded. You want to have your cards look perfect in ways to brighten up your party. You can even get a PDF online in which you will just have to print, cut, fold and glue that paper in a flawless card box. Printed playing cards with their card box are a perfect combination to make your evenings more special. Wherever you are in the world, you can have your card delivered to your doorstep. With the introduction of smart technology, you can assure yourself that the designs of the cards are just perfect.

Two essentials of playing card

The two essentials that make a playing card a playing card are a paper and varnish

  1. A playing card has usually 2 to 3 layers of playing card stock which is known as “black liner board”. The suppliers of this stock are mostly Germany and France. It is covered with black graphite glue that gives a guarantee for a long time use.
  2. The varnish of the playing card is a custom formula that all card makers create by themselves. The slip and the feel of the cards are determined by the varnish. It protects the cards from grease and dirt.

Design your own custom printed playing card boxes

Now you can make a deck of playing cards more thrilling and exciting. You can simply upload your favorite designs and pictures and create personalized family playing card boxes, wedding playing cards boxes, cards boxes to show off your vacation trip, pictures of your loved ones on the card box as a surprise birthday or simply random images that you like and you would want to share them with others. Customize playing card packaging is a unique way of impressing others and making your social gatherings more interesting.

There is a wide range of designs available from which you can choose the front of your custom playing cards or personalize both sides if you wish to have a complete set of custom playing cards. You can create the playing card boxes in a heart shape, oval shape or other fancy designs. Custom printed playing cards are an exciting gift to give to the people in your family, friends or your colleagues. They are attention grabbing and they show that effort and love have been put into designing and creating the gift. If you enjoy playing poker with your friends then why not make custom playing boxes to wow your friends when they come over for the poker night. You can put pictures or little messages to the front and back of the card boxes and add a little more twist in your game.

Wholesale playing card packaging

You can always order the deck of your playing cards in bulk quantity to gain heavy discounts. It will help you deal with your budget constraints and also enjoy your game fully. The more card boxes you are going to buy, the cheaper the price will be. Playing card packaging wholesale saves your money and as well as your time. You can simply place your order and receive it in a couple of days. There will be no need of gluing your own hands and spending a lot of time in making playing card boxes. You won’t have to make your hands dirty or use your printers. You can just order your cards and get yourself the best treats.

Plastic playing cards have been prospering in the game industry as well. Plastic cards are printed in high gloss which is why these cards have a rich photographic finish. These cards are more durable than paper cards and are waterproof. This is a way of saving your cards from damaging from the water.


Playing cards are flat, rectangular pieces made by layered pasteboard which is used for playing a number of games of skill and chance. It is said that they were developed in the 12th century as a derivative of chess. Cards are produced by some modern printing processes known as gravure, photolithography, and lithography. More computerized and advanced methods will be adopted in the future to boost up the playing card manufacturing industry.

Fire the game on the poker night with printed custom playing cards. You can get your playing cards to have a picture, text or artwork to furnish and help your game room have unique decks around. All of your opponents will be so impressed that they might even forget to call your bluff. You will just have to put in a little effort in ordering the playing cards or just uploading the images to the right online place to make cards ready. In an instant, you can have yourself a PDF that you will have to cut and fold and make a card box for yourself.

Printed playing cards will give your game a touch of style and confidence. Don’t you want your party to get more exciting and interesting? Make yourself some playing card boxes according to what you want. Make them a little touchy, colorful and attractive so that you can enjoy your evening with the most memorable moments.

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