reasons to create a website 

There are many reasons to create a website. But they are not always obvious. Hence the fact that many people still doubt the real usefulness of creating a website for their business. Our clients, freelancers, often ask us about the usefulness of creating a website for a company. They all tell us, that my clients know me and word of mouth works perfectly.

However, our response never varies. It is essential to create a professional website as a freelancer. Whether it’s a simple showcase site or a real online sales site. Here are the main reasons for creating a website.

Your customers get information online

This is one of the main reasons for creating a website. Word of mouth is not enough anymore. Someone who hears about you will look for information on the internet anyway.

A customer speaks well of you and in response advises someone to contact you. The first instinct of this person will then be to go on the internet to find out who you are. He will want to form his own opinion.

He will visit in particular the pages in which you talk about yourself, your approach to your business, and in particular your customer reviews :

Your small business will gain credibility by having a website. If you already have one but it’s ‘homemade’, you can optimize your website to give your business a professional image that will inspire even more trust.

reasons to create a website

Another reason to create a website is to allow your customers to review and even buy your products and services at any time.

A website is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike a local or a physical store

It is in particular for this reason that the creation of a professional site or an e-commerce site is one of the essential steps in the creation of an online business.

Integrating a simple live chat software will even allow your customers to ask you questions that you answer when you are available at your desk.

This significantly improves the service to your customers and the experience of your prospects.

Creating a website allows you to target a wider market

Whatever your job, an online sales site can expand your catchment area. And therefore to find new sources of business.

More traffic = more visitors = more customers!

The more you are visible to you, you are likely to increase your number of customers.

Do not hesitate to learn about the different techniques to boost traffic to your website.

If you have an activity that lends itself to it, you can even consider a version of your website in English. This is to further expand your contact potential.

reasons to create a website

Internet reduces the impact of business interruptions

The main weakness of the independent is his lack of time. When everything is going well, you are overwhelmed with appointments and don’t have a second to prepare for the future. Suddenly, the activity stops and you have to urgently find customers.

A website allows you to use your time efficiently according to the economic situation.

These jerks, known by all self-employed workers, can be minimized thanks to a website.

In off-peak periods, it is possible to reserve time to animate your website. 1 to 2 hours a day are enough to prepare new articles, animate your blog, and update your offer,…

In periods of intense load, it is possible to publish pages already built. Even in one click to broadcast them on social networks.

Thus you can maintain a constant commercial prospecting activity.

Your website is animated, and your articles relayed on social networks will reach your target. A target that a few weeks or months later will get in touch with you.

The Internet makes it possible to demonstrate know-how

You are independent because you have a certain approach to your job. Advice, support and a more personal relationship with your customers are as important to you as a simple business.

A good professional website comes with a blog

Through a blog, you can enhance your know-how, and highlight the testimonials of your customers. In this way, you will be able to prove the relevance of your interventions.

Internet users who are hungry for information will be able to see what makes you different and thus choose to work with you.

Your site is a good way to keep your customers informed

Are you looking for a way to manage your product catalog more easily? You have found another reason to create a website or an online sales site for your business. Creating a website will allow you at the same time to inform your customers more easily about changes to your business.

Information on a website is easier and faster to update

The information about your products and services on your website is much easier and faster to update than on any other medium, which makes it an effective way to inform your customers of:

You are also certain to have up-to-date information since it only takes a few minutes to update or even create an additional web page for your site.

It is not necessary to be an expert to make a professional site

A freelancer needs a simple showcase site, ideally associated with a blog, in order to present his activity and his know-how. And even to sell its products directly on the internet in the case of an online sales site.

How to make a website for your business?

2 solutions are available to him to achieve this objective:

Build your website using a communication agency on a CMS (Content Management System) such


Creating a professional website or even creating an e-commerce site no longer necessarily requires the intervention of a professional thanks to current website creation software.

To know how to create a website, you no longer need to be a “geek”, to spend your evenings understanding how hosting a site works, and the rules of responsive design,…

A website allows you to remain independent

In many professions, networking platforms have been developed.

Creating a professional website and animating it independently has now become essential for a freelancer

Having your own website, and working the rules of local referencing ( SEO and SEA ) allows you to fight on equal terms with these many portals and thus remain in control of your commercial development.

If you want to develop your business or even continue to gain autonomy, UnitedWebSoft Web Designer Delhi, India, can help to create a website for you there are a number of important tools to carry out all of your activities alone.

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