What Are The Odds Of Winning At Solitaire?

The odds of winning the games of Solitaire are little and few in numbers. It is not easy to win this game all the time. In other words, it does not offer 100% winning probabilities.

Here 80% winning chance gets to be spotted! Here we have collected more details on this area, you can have a look at it and if you have any questions, do get back to us.

Lots of people have believed in this fake myth that it is so much simpler to win the Solitaire games, but the reality is that you have to show your utmost skill and mental power to win the stages and versions of Solitaire.

Winning this game is not a piece of cake! This game needs 100% patience and lots of players fail to show that and in return, they lose this game.

Odds of Winning at Solitaire:

The game of Solitaire is a simple card game. Individuals play it to pass their free time. It is known to include in the gaming category that improves and boosts your learning curve.

During the time of the 90s, this game became the biggest hit and it is still popular and quite famous. Lots of beginner-level players have successfully grown themselves into professionals on playing Solitaire games through

Now, comes the question of winning probabilities linked with this game! There are lots of factors that decide your winning and losing stage.

The winning chances are 80% and you can make them reach up to 100% if you understand the details of these factors.

Though this game offers 80% chance of winning, still lots of players fail to reach this milestone. Very few of the players are there that have managed to understand the concept of this card game and win it always.

In addition, the one bad move decreases and brings down your winning stance. All in all, this game turns out to be un-winnable if you make a bad and not-so-smart move.

The smart moves and actions take your odds of winning in between 82% and 92%.  If you possess the right knowledge and you know when to display and show 52 cards, then playing Solitaire games will be a piece of cake for you.

Applying 1-card Deals, 3-card Deals:

In the same way, you can increase the odds of winning if you will be applying these 1-card deals and these 3-card deals. If we talk about the theoretical terms, then it is quite easy to win the games of Solitaire if you wisely apply these deals.

Winning this respective game is possible if you make a minimum of 76 moves while opting for the subjected 1-card deal. And you should be taking 60 moves if you go with the specific 3-card deal.

Keep in mind that while pursuing the 1-card deal pushes the player to keep the rest of the 24 cards laid out. It means you will be taking 24 moves automatically and the rest of the 24 moves will be taken upon putting each of the appropriate cards right there in its appropriate pile.

On the other hand, playing the 3-card deal will push the player to make three groups of cards. In addition, one move will be unveiling 3 cards. You have to make minimal 8 time moves the minute you will be drawing cards from the deck.

Total Number of Hands in Solitaire:

Note down that the game of Solitaire consists of a total number of four hands. They are clear winning hands, and 50/50 hands.

These hands are winnable but you end up losing this game if you make blunders. In addition, understanding these odds is very important so that you know when and how to play this game in the right direction. This game is played online on larger terms.

People have become die-hard and massive fans of it. Now, we have told you the odds of winning it, you can apply these guidelines.

In this Solitaire gaming category, lots of versions are present in it and almost all of the Solitaire games show an 80% winning stance. This game is fun to play and if you understand its core concept and the right way to approach it, you can win this game. Playing this game is constantly believed to be a fun activity.


Thus, the more you explore the game of Solitaire, the easier and hassle-free for the player to increase its chances of winning. You can share with us your feedback and reviews on the odds of winning upon playing Solitaire. Being a simple card game, it is not simple to play for sure.

Though this game was launched in the 1990s, it is still the most popular game so far. Till now, it shows 80% odds of winning and you can increase this overall probability if you follow the above-mentioned guidelines.

What other information do you want to know about Solitaire? Do let us know and we will constantly be updating you about the gaming world.

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