Windows hosting as first Preference- Is it good enough

There is always a necessity to have a dynamic website and some visually striking elements that have become indispensable for most individuals. Windows server is one of the most prevalent and feature-rich services that dedicated hosting companies offer to meet all the requirements. Hence you will have to think twice or thrice before selecting and finalizing windows hosting as first preference.

Generally, there are two key options open for web hosting: Windows and Linux. Windows hosting has a dynamic technology that helps you to stay ahead in the competition and operate very smoothly. There are many companies providing windows shared hosting. Navicosoft offers you the most modern technology and innovations. Hence, we deliver you with a digital window for your business. Hence you can use the best windows web hosting to settle down your online life! We are explicitly tuned for making your website go live. In addition to this, our company focuses on user-centric Windows hosting with a friendly control panel. Therefore, if you opt for Windows hosting as first preference, you can get your services from Navicosoft at a very reasonable price.

Advantages of Windows Hosting

While you are searching for a suitable hosting solution, you will come across several options. Windows hosting holds a noticeable place among them. If you are searching for an apt hosting solution full of features, you can consider Windows shared hosting. However, you will have to evaluate all the pros and cons before you finally proceed with considering Windows hosting as first preference.

Microsoft-Friendly Option

Many sites and businesses depend on various products and tools such as Microsoft like FrontPage, and ASP for proper functioning. Similarly, Microsoft Exchange is definitely effective enough for managing emails and Microsoft SharePoint for a better collaboration between team members.

Therefore, windows shared hosting counts as one of the seamless solutions for providing enough capabilities to build dynamic and interactive sites. Furthermore, many tech experts are familiar with maintaining and updating windows as well as its programs. Hence the understanding with Windows OS makes it convenient to work with a server interface.

Runs on Windows Operating System

It is very evident that Windows hosting runs on Windows operating system. Therefore, you don’t have to go through many struggles. In other words, you will not even have to go through a much longer learning curve while you are working with your Windows shared hosting solution. In order to go through it, you will discover some specific features, which you are able to utilize according to your own preferences.

Compatible with Other Windows Tools

One of the definite main reasons people opt for Windows hosting is definitely because of several familiar tools. It simply makes everything very convenient for them to manage the hosting plan. For instance, if you develop your site with ASP.NET, Windows hosting is a prodigious solution available for your consideration. However, you will discover that Windows shared hosting plan is very compatible with Microsoft SQL.

Powerful and Simple

Windows hosting services are particularly based on Windows Server OS. Such an operating system allows you to control the server and scale it up without any apprehensions regarding security.

Moreover, these hosting plans consist of a user-friendly Plesk control panel, making it very convenient to update your site and make modifications where it is essential. Furthermore, the in-built interface of Plesk greatly focuses on commercial sites. Hence it allows you to manage numerous sites very easily. And above that, it is totally compatible with the most prevalent content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla. 

Comes With a Plesk Control Panel

As discussed earlier, Windows hosting comes with a Plesk control panel. Hence you are able to access all the direct controls for this control panel. Therefore, managing your windows shared hosting plan is definitely a very challenging aspect. However, if you want to add any kinds of modifications or updates to your site, you can easily do it. Moreover, you can manage numerous domains and sites at one time without facing any issues.

Disadvantages of Windows Hosting

However, there are also some disadvantages before you select Windows hosting as first preference. Hence you need to evaluate them as well before you make your decision.

Less Secure Than Linux

The number of hacked sites operating on widows hosting has been increasing as compared to Linux. Consequently, you can consider Linux as a safe solution, particularly for the business sites that require security as an essential need for an online presence.

Less Stable Than Linux

Linux servers have emerged as one of the more reliable options. They perform really well, specifically at handling several functions at one time. However, windows servers have a much higher potential for getting into trouble, especially for performing several tasks at one time. Despite this negative point, the procedures and functionalities of windows hosting have drastically improved over time. Therefore you can enjoy maximum uptime on your website if you select a reliable hosting company.

Moreover, at this point, selecting a suitable web hosting company can make a huge impact. If a Windows hosting business provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In that case, it means they are efficient enough to have taken all the essential steps to keep the Windows servers operating as smoothly as possible. A proficient web hosting company can help overcome this gap for a server stability. Navicosoft is among the leading, and most secure Windows shared hosting providers. We give you a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% and a 24/7 customer support system to assist you with everything.

Not Secure as Linux Hosting

If you compare Windows hosting and Linux hosting security, you will identify some important differences. Linux hosting is definitely more secure in comparison with Windows shared hosting. This hosting solution is highly susceptible to several attacks. However, Linux hosting is more assertive, and you will be at peace of mind. Since security is a noteworthy concern, you need to be mindful enough while picking up a hosting solution.


You will have to spend comparatively more money in order to get Windows hosting. Nevertheless, it also depends on your hosting solutions provider. For example, if you get your hosting from Navicosoft, you will see that the Linux hosting plans start at $ 36.5 per year, whereas Windows hosting plans start at $47 per year. Of course, you can always approach Navicosoft for the best hosting services!

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