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How to Have A Successful Work Video Conference from Home

With everything being digitalized, especially after Covid 19, offices have meetings online, but employees do not take those meetings seriously, and there are always issues and distortions during the session. To maintain a professional environment, you should treat your remote meeting like a physical meeting and be as skilled as you would be in a proper office setting. It is important to maintain a professional environment because the online workplace is the new workplace. 

Be Punctual 

Just like a physical meeting at your workplace, you should be on time in the zoom meeting too. When you enter an online meeting late, everything is more visible, and everyone notices when you join and leave. Also, when you enter late, it causes disturbances and confusion because of your noise. So, when you are on time, it makes starting the meeting much easier than it would be if people joined at different times and disturbed the peace. 

Resolve Connectivity Issues  

To ensure that your meeting does not have disturbances, make sure you are using a good internet connection and no distortion. Be prepared beforehand and check the connection half an hour before the meeting. For excellent and affordable internet, we suggest Spectrum internet. Spectrum is fast reliable, and in case of any connectivity issues, you can always call Spectrum phone number 1-855-423-0918, where the customer support representatives are always immediately ready to assist you. In case even if there is an error in your internet connection, they will solve it for you to attend that meeting distortion-free and have good communication with your colleagues.  

Similarly, apart from the internet, there are issues with the system’s connectivity and performance that you can fix beforehand. Choose the proper software to meet and ensure that the video conferencing system works appropriately. Do a few test runs and understand the software entirely before having an important meeting.  

Wear Formal Clothing 

When having a work meeting, make sure you wear formal clothes so that your employer or client gets the impression that even if you are working remotely, you take work seriously. It may be tempting to attend a work meeting in your sweats, wearing professional attire will make you look prepared for the meeting and send a good impression of yours to the people attending it. Wearing proper clothing will also give you a sense of satisfaction and professionalism and increase your overall confidence. 

Mute When Not Speaking

Turning the mic off or muting yourself when not speaking is the new work etiquette you need to learn if you haven’t already. When your mic is open, you never know what might be creating a disturbance in the meeting. You never know whether it is the voice of your fan, breathing, your family members in the background that may not be in the room but talking loudly outside, or anything at all. It is best to mute yourself to ensure better quality. It is also important because creating distortions even unknowingly sends a very bad impression of you to the attendees of the meeting.

Place the Camera Properly

Placing the camera correctly and using the correct lighting are the most important things about having an effective and professional work meeting. When sitting down for a meeting, before joining, make sure that your surroundings are not dirty, the workstation is clean, and the frame is streameast.live good. Apart from that, in meetings, people usually sit in front of the lights, and the camera faces upwards, which makes the camera detect the light and focus on it, making everything else look dark. According to us, this is the most annoying part about remote meetings from home that the lighting in most cases is very poor. A few ways to make sure that your camera is placed right is to put it at a level where you don’t have to make it face upwards, sit against the light so that your face and background are not dark, and make sure there is no negative space. We mean different backgrounds and a little bit of you by negative space. 

So what if you are working from home and things don’t look as managed as a proper office? You can make it look as disciplined as an office to have a better impression on your clients/employers. These are a few basic tips and etiquettes that you must adopt when attending a work meeting because it makes you look professional and well-mannered. With everything on the internet these days, many people have shifted to working from home, which is good if you do it right. So, follow these easy steps and work professionally even from your home setting.

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