Top 3 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2022

Keep abreast of the most important Instagram trends in 2022 with Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia our predictions of the year ahead! In addition to the possibility of clicking Instagram hyperlinks to coming of Instagram stories and the ability to shop feeds Here are the top three Instagram marketing trends in 2022:

Instagram Marketing Trend #1: Clickable Links Finally Come to Instagram Photos

The only way to click on a hyperlink on Instagram is by clicking the bio link. Brands, influencers as well as small companies have had to be innovative in the process of making sales and bringing traffic to Instagram and that’s why”Link In Bio “Link in bio!” is so well-known on Instagram.

Shopping-friendly Instagram feeds that use the hyperlink in your bio Like Later’s product, are growing in popularity. And with new features such as Instagram buying and clicking URLs within Instagram Stories that are only available to verified customers, it’s our bet 2022 will be the year that Instagram becomes marketing platform and provides clickable links for Instagram posts.

But, even though Instagram has looked much more similar to Facebook recently We don’t believe that clicking on links in Instagram images are as easy as clicking on an URL. We expect something more unique that is compatible with the current Instagram user experience, but will also be able to cater to companies and brands which Instagram hopes to draw as potential customers.

Instagram Marketing Trend #2: Instagram Starts to Seriously Drive Sales in 2022

In 2016, Instagram began to emerge as an online platform, introducing new business profiles as well as Instagram Analytics for the first time to encourage more companies to join the platform and buy ads. However, you don’t need to design an Instagram advert to sell and by 2022, retailers will see an rise in revenue from Instagram.


People are having a greater amount of time before using mobile devices. In fact, mobile internet usage is increasing than desktop.

78% of customers make buying decisions directly influenced by brands’ social media presence, and 70 percent of Instagram users have looked up a brand on Instagram.

In 2022, you can expect more brands to provide the shopping and purchasing experience to their customers’ Instagram feeds.¬†Instagram is the ideal platform to increase sales for online stores because it’s both mobile and visual and has earned the trust of its users since it’s perceived as much more “authentic” channel than Twitter or Facebook.

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Instagram feeds are now the new storefronts, and therefore advertising your business on Instagram is crucial. One of the major trends in 2022 will be online stores making use of UGC from users (UGC) on Instagram to drive sales on their sites. It could be through Instagram galleries for their products, or sharing content from the community featuring the products they sell in “real life,” successful entrepreneurs and marketers will invest in selling products via Instagram from 2022.

A related market trend for 2022 will be the alignment of social objectives and KPI’s to the bigger objectives of marketing and business of an company. In essence, 2022 is the year when social media becomes accountable for monitoring hard-earned, cold dollars by acquiring and converting. The days of followers and likes were all that matter in 2022. In the coming year, we can anticipate Instagram marketing and advertising to be treated equally seriously as other online marketing channels and will be driving significant sales.

“bctt” tweet=”In 2022, the social media industry will be accountable for monitoring hard-earned cold dollars via the acquisition process and then conversion. ” username=”latermedia”]

Instagram Marketing Trend #3: 2022 is the Year Instagram Stories Dominates Snapchat

One of the biggest distinctions in Instagram as well as Snapchat stories is the absence of interesting filters and geo-filters and stickers on Instagram Stories up until recently. At the end of 2016, Instagram launched stickers, that look a lot like Snapchat’s stickers. There are stickers that can be customized for current weather, time even your location, similar to what you do on Snapchat.

What’s to be left Instagram Stories to emulate? Snapchat’s iconic puppy filter Of course. Facebook purchased MSQRD an app for video which lets you apply “filters” to faces in the beginning of 2016, and at the close of 2016, we had an early glimpse at what MSQRD in Facebook will look like using Messenger’s brand new camera.

Messenger’s camera’s new design looks and behaves like Snapchat It also has the ability to apply face filters, stickers or borders onto your pictures or videos. In 2022, you can expect the same filters to be added to Instagram Stories, which could be the last nail to the coffin of Snapchat. Marketers must invest in developing the Instagram Stories strategy now, as it’s going to increase its growth even more by 2022.

However, don’t rule Snapchat out completely. They are the pioneers buymalaysianfollowers in this field, introducing entertaining growth hacks to increase engagement among users, using features like FaceSwap and puppy filters and it’s possible that Snapchat may come out with something revolutionary that blows Instagram Stories to pieces.

What do you think will be the top Instagram marketing trends of 2022? Tell us via the comment section!

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